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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Who are You? And Should I Listen to You?

Joanna Scutari, a self-proclaimed “logician” and self-trained constitutional "expert", has been running around the South for a few years giving presentations to small conservative groups on the U.S. Constitution. She operates under the pseudonym "Publius Huldah".

Her conclusions on many topics are not only controversial, they are considered by real constitutional experts to be flat wrong, particularly regarding the Article V state convention method of proposing amendments and her support for nullification.

The question has arisen as to whether her choice to hide behind a pseudonym matters or not. The question behind the question: who is Ms. Scutari and should I listen to her?

Lest you think the use of a pseudonym and knowing the true identity of a speaker is not a question for serious discussion, be aware that some of the issues Ms. Scutari discusses in her presentations are very serious indeed. When it comes to how the states should address federal overreach, the very future of our constitutional republic hangs in the balance. This is about what lawful, moral and civil methods all citizens should and could use to prevent our country from falling off a political cliff or a financial cliff -- an event that most people believe is not too far in our country’s future unless there is a quick and thorough course correction.

When having serious presentations on such a serious topic, does hiding behind a pseudonym matter? Does hiding your background matter? Does knowing your speaker matter? Yes to all three questions.
First, just think about Ms. Scutari’s choice to use a pseudonym. If you decided you wanted to learn about the constitution and then start making public presentations about what you have learned, would you have chosen to use a pseudonym? Have any of you heard any speakers who make serious, live presentations on how to save our country, or on any constitutional law topic, using a pseudonym? Of course not. Most people who want to be taken seriously on serious topics in live presentations use their real names. Why use a pseudonym? To hide your lack of training or recognized expertise? To hide something in your past? To provide entertainment value to your presentations? Why? At best, the choice to use any pseudonym is just bizarre. At worst, it could be used to hide sinister motives and objectives.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Windless Machine - Industrial Disease on the Indiana Plains

The hypocrisy of "Green Energy" and wind generation has reared its blight again. More windmills are proposed for Howard County and for Grant County. It seems the government, who thinks it knows more than its citizens, and thus absolutely MUST take the citizens money to spend on subsidies for the folly of Wind, is back at it.

Perhaps government involvement via regulations, taxes, and all manner of interference in our lives feels compelled to make pristine Indiana (and Ohio, and other parts of the USA heartland) into a future Industrial Wasteland.

It brings to mind, a song from a great and popular band, Dire Straits - "Industrial Disease"

And disease it is. A blight for the eyes. As one drives from the east toward Brookston, you can see the wind turbines towering above the town. The turbines are on the other side of town; they are that imposing, and annoying.

Northwest of Lafayette, Indiana there are two wind farms, Fowler Ridge, and Meadow Lake. The weather affecting these was discussed in a previous post, Joe Donnelly, the Windy Machine along with the close by wind machines at City Bus in the post, A fortune Blown away, DC Donnelly Wind Machine II

Here is some more on the Meadow Lake wind farm. There are two videos about a week apart, along with the wind data for a week. Noting that we need at least 7-10 mph wind to begin the lower end of the production of electricity, one can safely assume not much was generated for an entire week. The taxpayer subsidy was  hard at work though, making up the difference.

Meadow Lake Windmills 5/21/2013
Plenty of wind. Not much of anything going on. All that investment....for nothing.
You can hear the wind hitting the camera, moving the grass and trees around. And the windmills are turned off. This video taken at the southern edge of the wind farm so is less than a 360 degree look.

Meadowlake Windmills 5/25/2013
Nothing going on here. All that investment for.....nothing.
This video taken in the middle of the wind farm, a full 360 degree pan of the wind farm.

Here is the weather report of the wind all day long on 5/25/2013, the day of this video.
And for completeness, here is:


So in an entire week, the ONLY period that added to worthwhile generation, amounts to perhaps 4 hours.

If that were not bad enough, let's look at just how the wind generated electricity matches up with our lives.

This chart shows the electric load for AEP in day's period. AEP was used because Fowler Ridge and Meadow Lake wind farms connect to AEP.  And the wind generation is shown for PJM, which AEP is a part of. So  yes, the comparison is not perfect, it is parts of parts etc. But what we are looking for  is still evident from the chart. And the conclusion to draw is this:

  • The electric demand decreases in the evening, after some businesses and factories close for the day, and people finish up with dinner.
  • The electric demand continues to decline to a low point in the early morning hours, and then starts a climb to its mid-day peak as people are at work.
  • Wind energy knows no timetable. It may be increasing generation when the demand is falling. And decrease generation when the demand is increasing.
  • This means that coal, oil, nuclear, and such dependable sources of generation cannot be downsized as wind generation installations are made.
  • It also means that dependable generation is whipsawed, like a yo-yo, to meet the fickle generation cycles of wind. This leads to inefficiencies in the operation of the large generators as they are all designed to operate at top efficiency when running under full loading.
  • Using wind energy is like herding cats. You just cannot predict which cat is going where, or if it is going at all.
  • Government funding of wind generation is also like feeding stray cats. If you feed them to get them to stay, they have no reason to catch their own mouse and feed. This is a game you cannot win. But remember, the government is smarter than you are.....or so they think.
And yes, your previous Senator Lugar supported this madness. And despite the efforts of good and knowledgeable people in Indiana, Senator Lugar refused to support a real Republican and Conservative, Richard Mourdock and instead we got Joe Donnelly, who firmly supports big government, crazy ideas like wind energy, and massive government bailouts and subsidies.

And .... Industrial disease and blight on our Indiana prairies. 
It is time to stop the madness. Write, call, fax, talk to neighbors, have meetings, and get your local county, city, and state officials to stop the encroachment of Big Brother in our lives.
And for another view, here is a similar chart from last year.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sending Donnelly Home to Bonanza

(Video re-uploaded replacing corrupted file)
Joe Donnelly, the Liberal Democrat from South Bend, nearby Chicago and Obama's home, has repeatedly made claims that he is "moderate" or "middle of the road" Democrat. The problem with that statement is that it isn't true.

And in one way, we can understand that because when the question of the Constitution came up, he said he leaves that to the experts. The problem is, he took an oath to defend and preserve it. To abide by it, and yet he votes for bills that are not covered under the the provisions of the Constitution. The problem with the Constitution isn't it, the problem is Joe Donnelly.

Donnelly's problems with the Constitution

When asked how he would vote on Obamacare in relation to abortion he claims he consistently opposed abortion and government funded abortion. And yet, he voted for it.

Donnelly's Abortion Windvane

Donnelly voted for Obamacare, when even his constituents knew it was a death knell for Medicare, and healthcare in general, plus a huge deficit problem. But he still voted for it.

Donnelly Doublespeaks on Obamacare and Medicare

Donnelly denies Obamacare will pay for healthcare for illegal aliens, even though his constituents knew it would. He was wrong, and still voted for it anyway.

Donnelly Denies Healthcare for Illegal Aliens, then Votes for it

Donnelly claimed you could keep your heathcare plan, but you can't. And even so, he voted for Obamacare. In effect,  he gave your healthcare plan to Obama and the government.

Joe Donnelly gave your Health Care Plan to Obama

Joe Donnelly has been supporting government funding of wind energy from taxpayer money, an un-Constitutional use. Taking taxes to promote a business is not included in the powers granted in the Constitution. And does he have any clue about whether it is a good idea? No.

Joe Donnelly, the Windy Machine

And Joe Donnelly fully approved the Stimulus bill, of which funding nonsense like the City Bus windmills in Lafayette. Sure, one might think they were neat and cool, but will they every pay off like he promised? No. Not ever. Donnelly wasted more money on this one small (by comparison to the enormous size of the entire Stimulus bill)....more that the amount he claims Mourdock "wasted" defending over 200 year of contract law, teachers and police pensions, and stability of the bond markets. The thing is, you are not wasting anything defending what is right, but you sure can on things not Constitutional.

A fortune Blown away, DC Donnelly Wind Machine II

The truth is that Joe Donnelly says one thing in Indiana, giving a far different impression that the actual voting he does in Washington DC where he follows the Pelosi, Reid, and Obama mantra line for line.

Sure, there is more. But at this point can't we at least ask Joe Donnelly to do the one thing he said he wanted to do? Yes, he wants to go home and watch Bonanza. From what we have seen above, that might be the only thing he can get right. So let's help Joe Donnelly and send him home to watch Bonanza!!! Vote Richard Mourdock and retire Joe Donnelly.

Listen to Joe himself express his desire for just that: (WMV videos don't play on iPhone)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

John Gregg risks injury and life for "Rainy Day"

Yes, John Gregg, an apparent hater of the Constitutionalist Tea Party movement as he ended his part in the debate tonight is a Democrat. These same Democrats that like to regulate the death out of you and me and our businesses. And yet, they don't care to follow their own regulations.

I grew up on a farm back when the safety equipment was minimal on machinery. But safety is really a state of mind, and way of doing things, thinking ahead about the consequences and the costs.

However, the Democrats have been regulation "happy" with all the various programs they get their bureacrats assigned to, such as OSHA.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Joe Donnelly gave your Health Care Plan to Obama

Well, yes he did.

But what did he say he would do? We will get to that. But I know I searched for a good company to work for, with good benefits, and decent pay. A lot of people do that. And they also prepare for that job by getting a good education, investing in their future with all the "right moves". Oh, that has gotten tougher because of the high tuition prices. But with all that hard work, where have we ended up now?

Well again, Joe Donnelly's constituents know more that he does on virtually any subject. And this one is no different.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

A fortune Blown away, DC Donnelly Wind Machine II

Previously, we discussed how Joe Donnelly has supported the folly of wind energy with taxpayer dollars here: Joe Donnelly, the Windy Machine

Now let's look at some examples close to home. Spurred on by a claim by one Liberal that wind energy is fantastic, pays for itself, and more we decided to expound on the subject. And ironically, start with the very project that was claimed to be so exemplary of the wind energy paradigm by that same liberal: City Bus.

Specifically, the project is the wind turbine system in mind belongs to Lafayette City Bus in Lafayette Indiana. The website is and has a running view of total generated electricity plus status of each of the three turbines. Ostensibly, the purpose of the turbine system was to charge the hybrid buses and provide power for the offices. Construction was funded by the stimulus program that Joe Donnelly voted for.

That stimulus money approved by Joe Donnelly amounted to $2.18 million dollars according to news reports: